Infinite Banking Concept

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Get Access to the Infinite Banking Concept Toolkit:

Infinite Banking Allows YOU to Become the Bank

We are all basically looking for the same thing. We ultimately want to have the most amount of money we possibly can for us and our families. The goal may be simple, but getting there can be difficult. Bank on This presents to you The Infinite Banking Concept®. We know this is the strategy to help you achieve that goal.
Infinite Banking can’t be explained in a few short paragraphs. That's why we put together the "Infinite Banking Tool Kit." It's full of all kinds of free information - eBooks, videos, podcasts, case studies – all downloadable to you - so you can learn at your own pace.

How Infinite Banking Works

Infinite Banking makes sure that you handle all these items correctly. It gives you the one characteristic most financial strategies lack... control.
This is where permanent life insurance comes in as the vehicle for the Infinite Banking Concept. By utilizing permanent life insurance, you create a unique system that lets you decide what happens. You allow yourself to:
  • Earn the most interest you can by earning competitive growth offered by the policy, or better growth offered elsewhere.
  • Avoid overpaying in taxes by keeping it tax free.
  • Avoid overpaying in interest by not being subject to banks, financial institutions, and more importantly the federal reserve.
  • Have access to the dollars you save to pay for the things you need (and the luxuries you don't).

How To Learn More About Infinite Banking

We have gathered what we would consider the best information around the web in our "Infinite Banking Tool Kit." If you want to learn how you can take advantage of this strategy, I have no better recommendation than to watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, and read the books in the tool kit. You'll be equipped with the information you need to decide for yourself.

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